About me
I am an amateur photographer living in Regensburg, a town in the south of Germany. All images on film diary site were taken on film and I guess more than 90% of them with one setup, a rangefinder and a 35mm lens. There are a lot of people starting projects like “The Leica as teacher” (Link to the OnlinePhotographer) to do exactly this. Following the one-camera-one-lens principle may help to focus on the subject and not on the gear. As I still was solely using digital years ago I thought of doing this project to improve my photographic skills and help me to cure me from GAS. But I never started. I was so caught up in my GAS that I couldn’t decide what camera and lens to buy. You remember: just ONE camera and ONE lens, a unsolvable problem for a gearhead. Some years later the usage of only one lens for (nearly) all shots came spontaneously and was not imposed by a one-camera-one-lens project. When I’m out shooting I usually carry additionally a 15 or 21 wide angle lens with me and I feel free to take different cameras or use digital as well from time to time.
And as you can see clearly in the photo above: yes, I have a dark side, but unfortunately without cookies.

About the phrase “Mach Ich Wenn Ich Zeit Hab”
Non German readers will ask: What the hell does that weird blog title mean?
“Mach ich wenn ich Zeit hab” is a kind of a German saying and a bit ambiguous. One meaning is: If you have to deal with a lot of things and little time you put the less important aside saying: “I will do (it) when I have time”. From experience that will never happen. It is the pre-stage of the bin. The other meaning is to show or tell others: ”I do (this) in my spare time”.

I really do like hearing from you what you think about this site, so please drop me a line.
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